Who We Are

Nyumbani is a Nairobi-Based property tech (prop-tech) company that specializes in innovating, expanding and developing Resident Management Solutions (RMSs). We are dedicated to building stable, well-designed organization-based, business-based and enterprise-based solutions. We pride ourselves in working with a diverse range of partners that have gone on to shape their market societies as well as emerging as trend-setters and business giants.

Who are we here to assist?

Agents and Property Managers.
 Sectional Properties Managers


Benefits of using Nyumbani

Automated paperless invoicing and receipting

Debt management through payment reminders, penalties and debt reporting

Digital real-time reconciliation of data to save time and prevent potential loses

Detailed intelligent reporting of transactions and resident interactions with the system

Secure-remote access of all functionalities in the system

Automatically accept payments via various mediums e.g., MPESA, Bank or Cash

Automated record-keeping and backup of all information fed into the system

Our Solution

Are you a landlord that is struggling with arrear management, keeping track of payments made by your tenants, reconciliation of accounting information or issuance of receipts to all your tenants? Nyumbani is the solution for you! We will handle arrear reminders, receipting and invoicing, payment reconciliation and accounting as well as all other management activities that you may require to not only assure your tenants' comfort but also to maximize your profits!
Are you a property management company with a number of houses that are under your watch? Are you constantly following up on debts from your clients' tenants? Do you need a standardized way to keep track of tenant payments, debts and reports? Nyumbani is the solution for you! We will handle arrear reminders, receipting and invoicing, landlord reports, employee perfomance reports, service charge management, payment reconciliation and accounting as well as all other activities that you may perform in your daily business of management.
Are you a manager (chairman, treasurer or accountant) of a gated community or estate with members that contribute to a monthly utility charge eg. security or garbage? Is the work of tracking resident payments and receipting overwhelming you? Are you dealing with a huge amount of payment arrears from residents in your estate? Nyumbani is the solution for you! We will take over payment reconciliation and accounting, issuance of arrear reminders, invoices and receipts. We will also assist you in all your financial reporting activities, hence assuring you of a tight, streamlined and efficient management experience!

Our Key Features

Features list

  • Manage multiple house blocks from multiple landlords

  • Issue SMS and Email receipts for all payments made

  • Track payments, arrears and overpayments

  • Manage payments made via MPESA, banks, cheques or cash

  • Intelligently manage deposits

  • Issue out payment reminders for arrears automatically

  • Real-time payment, tenant, house and status reports

  • Manage service and utility charges e.g., water, security, garbage or electricity

  • Manage expenses incurred e.g., salaries

  • Manage welfare contributions made by tenants

  • Manage repairs in a house

  • Issue out SMS and Email invoices automatically

    Our Partners


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Where are you based?
    Nyumbani is based in Roughton Court Plaza, Tamasha Hurlingham 3rd Floor Office 8
    2How does money flow?
    We do not have access to any money paid to your clients. All we do is to provide interfaces to record the money you have received. We also provide automatic payment reconciliation for MPESA and banks of your choice.
    3How does the system work?
    Nyumbani RMS is a web-based system that is here to help you manage properties. We have automated all the processes involved in the management of properties. Through a set of permission protocols, multiple landlords, managers and tenants can access the system and view or update their relevant data
    4What is a unit?
    A unit is a space with a house number, door and rooms that can be let or sold. Several units make up an apartment, block, zone or location.
    5Is my data secure?
    Yes, your data is very secure. We have invested in a top-notch security system and protocols to ensure that data remains safe during storage and in transmission. All data is encrypted and stored safe in our offshore servers.
    6Can tenants access the system?
    Each tenant has a special read only link that allows them to view their receipts, invoices and statements in real time
    7How do you communicate with our tenants?
    We have created a wide range communication system that uses SMS and email technologies to satisfy different communication needs between you and your tenants.
    8Can multiple managers access the system?
    Yes, they can. We have created a fully permission-based system. This therefore means that users with different sets of permissions can access the system as per your company’s policy.
    9Do you offer Support?
    We pride ourselves in customer service. We will assign one of our staff to take care of your needs at any time.

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